Yancey Strickler

For nearly a decade Yancey Strickler was dedicated to Kickstarter, cofounding the platform and serving as CEO for almost four years. Kickstarter has helped filmmakers, musicians, writers, designers, and other creative people bring more than 100,000 creative projects to life.

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Creating Lasting Value

Kickstarter co-founder and former CEO, Yancey Strickler, shares a unique perspective on what it means to grow values in our organizations and in ourselves. Yancey tells the story of Kickstarter, from its humble beginnings to its innovative approach as a Public Benefit Corporation, revealing insights and lessons from the experience. Kickstarter has helped independent creative people raise more than $4 billion to fund their ideas, from Cards Against Humanity to Oculus Rift to Oscar-winning movies. Yancey also puts the Kickstarter story into the larger context of a world that's dominated by bigger and bigger players. How can we better navigate this world, and find new ways of creating value?

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